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Женская футболка puma

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Puma has roots in popular culture and basketball.

Many are familiar with the story of Rudolf Dassler and his brother Adolf, who together formed the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, which later split into two of the most well-known sportswear companies in the world: Puma and adidas.

One of the biggest names in sportswear, the Puma of today stands for so much more. Leaders at Puma always envisioned a future of original sportswear products with mayze to modern pop culture. As a result, Puma’s influence extends far beyond athletes, with artists such as Jay-Z and Rhianna having been known to work closely with Puma in the past.

In 2018, Puma jumped back onto the NBA court, scooping up five of the 2018 first-round draft picks in what was known as a total resurgence of the sportswear brand within the professional basketball community.

Are Puma shoes true to size?

Yes, Puma shoes and athletic footwear are advertised as fitting true to size. However, you may notice that some sneakers from the Puma collection are only offered in full sizes. If you find yourself in this situation and normally wear a half-size shoe, then consider going up to the next full size for a better fit. Otherwise, when purchasing Puma sneakers, you should typically order your actual shoe size.